I want that feelin’ ya feel when ya see a Jason Anderson set! That’s what’s missing right now.


Peachy Keen Moon Machine #2 – Growing Up Gordon

Alex & Justin host the only variety show on the moon. In this episode, the boys learn the joys and sorrows of parenting and alien babies. Featured guests include color scientist Roy Bivinski and parenting expert Liam Murtagh.

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The reptiles of the Indo-Australian archipelago / by Nelly de Rooij. on Flickr.

Publication info Leiden :E.J. Brill,1915-1917.
Contributing Library:
American Museum of Natural History Library
Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Japanese Poster: Image and Environment. Masao Shirasawa. 2012

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Swimming Pool - David Hockney

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Y.M.O. - “Wild Ambitions”

Pyramid Country: Phoenix Nights

Night Of Joy: “Hardcore Girls Are A Hoax”

I miss this band a bunch. Denver rippers. I can’t remember anyone that made my neck so sore the next day.

Can someone do a posthumous release of this on vinyl because dang this band was one of the bests…